What Causes Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Physical Causes of Dysfunction

What exactly causes Female sexual dysfunction to develop? Primarily put into two categories. Psychological and physical. Let’s take a look at the physical causes of female sexual dysfunction.

Multiple reasons such as low intimate drive, issues getting aroused or reaching a climax and painful intimacy are all symptoms of female sexual dysfunction. These symptoms can be distressing, uncomfortable, and embarrassing and affect your intimate life.

Medical Conditions

A slew of different medical conditions can cause female sexual dysfunction. Bladder issues, heart disease, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, and others can all cause sexual dysfunction. This is often due to the ways the conditions affect nerves, muscles, and blood flow. All of which are essential for sexual health.


Medications often have unintended side effects. Unfortunately, sexual dysfunction can be high on the list. Some common medications that cause (FSD) are chemotherapy drugs, anti-depressants, blood pressure drugs, and antihistamines. This is likely due to alterations to brain chemicals and blood flow changes.


A small change in hormones can have major effects on your sexual health. Common times when this occurs are after birth, during pregnancy, using birth control, and menopause.

Lack of estrogen causes less blood flow to be sent to the pelvic area. This often leads to sexual dysfunction. Changes in hormones, and over time without sexual function, change the vaginal wall and make it thinner and less elastic. This can lead to painful intercourse and a lower sexual drive.

Letting the Professionals Help

Female sexual dysfunction can be complicated and it can often be difficult to know where to begin. That’s why our team at New Look Skin Center offers female sexual dysfunction treatment to help you along the process. Our staff believes every woman deserves to feel comfortable and satisfied with their sexual health and wants to help you get there as well. Our practice has been open for fifteen years, helping people like you with their skin, face, and body needs. Let us help you towards restoring your sexual function by contacting us at 818-662-5005 today.

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