Treating Dry Winter Skin

You can bundle up in that new fluffy sweater and wear that warm fuzzy hat – but the winter weather can still find a way to dry out your skin. If dry skin isn’t taken care of, it can lead to an eczema flare-up or an infection if bacteria gets into dry, cracked skin. Besides the health concerns, dry skin is unsightly and uncomfortable! Skin care is important, especially during the winter. Read on for some tips for preventing and treating dry skin.

  1. Use warm instead of hot water to shower, and limit shower and bath time to less than 10 minutes. Don’t use so much body wash that you have a thick lather, which can dry out your skin’s natural oils; use just enough to do the job. When you get out, blot skin gently instead of scrubbing yourself dry.
  2. Apply lots of moisturizer immediately after your shower or bath to trap moisture in your skin. Also apply it after you wash your hands or face.
  3. Instead of using lotion, which can be irritating, use a thicker ointment or cream. Get one with hyaluronic acid, petrolatum, jojoba oil, or mineral oil.
  4. Use skin products that are labeled as “fragrance free” instead of “unscented.” “Unscented” could mean it contains ingredients that mask the scent of other ingredients, and these can dry out sensitive skin.
  5. Avoid products with alpha-hydroxy acid, retinoids, alcohol, and fragrance.
  6. Use hypoallergenic laundry detergent to avoid irritating dry skin even more.
  7. Buy humidifiers for your home and office.
  8. Cover up as much as you can when you go outside. Don’t forget gloves, as hands can be especially susceptible to dry skin.
  9. If you have to do dishes or another task that involves immersing your hands in water, use rubber gloves.
  10. Wear lip balm and apply it often.

Beautiful skin begins at home, but sometimes you need a bit of help. New Look Skin Center in California offers treatments to refresh skin and make it look toned and younger. Take care of your skin this winter, and call (818) 662-5005 for professional skin care treatment!

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