5 Different Facials

We’ve all heard the advice for having great skin – drink lots of water, use the right products on your face (especially if you have sensitive skin), stay out of the sun, and make sure to use sunscreen if you do go outside. These are valuable tips, but sometimes your skin needs a little extra help to stay healthy and beautiful – or maybe you’re just in the mood for a little pampering. New Look Skin Center can help, with 5 different facials!


Get rid of old skin and make way for new skin cells with microdermabrasion. In this procedure, the top layer of the skin is removed and new cells begin to grow, giving you skin that looks young and refreshed. 

Oxy-micro facial

This is a combination of microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy. The microdermabrasion removes the top layer of old skin cells. It even helps to get rid of impurities and uneven skin texture. The oxygen therapy provides important nutrients to the emerging new skin cells. 

Depigmenting solution

This procedure can reduce the appearance of dark spots and patches of hyperpigmentation while giving the skin a beautiful tone. 


In this procedure, tiny needles create invisible wounds in your skin. It may not sound very pleasant, but most patients report that it doesn’t hurt at all. These wounds stimulate collagen and elastin to start growing. Creating new skin cells and reducing wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. 


This treatment gets rid of dead skin cells, provides a deep cleaning to the skin, and then applies a special serum full of ingredients that create beautiful skin, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants. 

These procedures are all nonsurgical. Can be done in your doctor’s office (usually with a quick appointment), have little if any downtime involved, and are a great way to get the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted. These 5 Different Facial Options are available at New Look Skin Center to see which skin care treatment might be right for you. Call (818) 662-5005 today!

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