Non-Surgical RF Microneedling

Profound® system, a radiofrequency energy-based device that is clinically proven to create close to five times the elastin and twice the collagen in a single nonsurgical treatment, creating younger and smoother looking skin without toxins or fillers. The Profound treatment is highly beneficial for facial wrinkles and it is the first and only device that offers patients a long-term solution for improvement in the appearance of cellulite after just a single treatment.

What is Profound treatment used for?

  • Sagging jowls
  • Loose or sagging skin under the neck
  • Double chin
  • Loose or sagging skin on the body
  • Cellulite and more!

How Effective is a Profound Treatment?

  • For smoother younger-looking skin 1 non-surgical treatment provides a 100% response rate for facial wrinkles.
  • For improving cellulite appearance 1 non-surgical treatment provides a 94% response rate.

Who is the ideal patient for Profound?

Profound Treatment is a completely customizable and minimally invasive treatment suitable for women and men who wish to target the key signs of aging and cellulite on the body. The ideal patient is someone who suffers from loss of vital skin elements due to genetics, maturation, and other environmental factors resulting in overall volume reduction, wrinkles, and decreased elasticity.

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This is a procedure for patients who are looking to increase volume in the treatment area with minimal downtime. In published FDA studies, Profound demonstrated high clinical response rates given the consistency of reaching optimal temperature endpoints. Dermal treatments yielded a 100% clinical response rate for rhytids. In the cellulite study design, 94% of patients obtained ≥ 1-point improvement in cellulite appearance at 3 months post-treatment.

What must I do to prepare prior to a Profound treatment?

Patients that are undergoing a Profound treatment should be sure to: hydrate sufficiently (64 fluid ounces daily for one week prior to treatment), eat a substantial meal pre-treatment, avoid alcohol for 7 days prior to the procedure to decrease the risk of bruising as well as any NSAIDS for 14 days prior to treatment. If you have a history of cold sores, please inform your Provider as you may need to be pretreated with an antiviral medication. Discontinue topical retinoids or other skin irritants for a minimum of 3-5 days prior to treatment. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and use SPF 30+.

How is a Profound Treatment Performed?

Profound is a minimally invasive bipolar RF system with patented Real Time Temperature and Impedance Control that utilizes micro-needle electrodes, deployed into the reticular dermis or subcutaneous tissue, to precisely deliver fractionated injuries without thermal impact to the epidermis. Because of the proprietary real-time temperature feedback embedded in the Profound system, the optimal dermal temperature can be reached and maintained in any skin impedance conditions. During dermal treatments, the deep dermis is targeted, this is where the concentration of collagen is the highest. The thermal injury stimulates a wound healing response which naturally creates new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid formation. This dermal remodeling results in visible skin improvement. Additionally, during cellulite treatments, when the Subcutaneous tissue is targeted, the fractionated injuries will increase dermal thickness, remodels septae, and decrease adipose volume.

Profound Microneedling Before & After Photos

How Long After My Profound Treatment Will I See Results?

Immediately post treatment the treated area will appear edematous (swollen) and erythematous (red). Pin-point ecchymosis from microneedle insertions will be observed and Purpura (bruising) may be noticed from the local anesthesia injection points. Immediately following treatment, ice compress should be used for the first 45 minutes. For next 24 hours, continue with cold compress at 20 minutes on – 20 minutes off intervals. It is recommended to sleep with head elevated for the first 2-3 nights post Profound treatment. Erythema (redness) typically resolves within 1-2 days of treatment. Edema and Purpura will typically resolve within 5-7 days post treatment.

How Much Does a Pround Treatment Cost?

Single Facial Treatment
Single Cellulite Treatment

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