5 Reasons to try PRP Treatments

woman in bath towel on head isolated on copy space applying oil serum Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a great option if you are looking for a way to get younger-looking, blemish-free skin – and there are many benefits to this procedure. Read on for more information about PRP therapy and why it might be right for you!

What Is PRP Therapy?

During a procedure, your cells are used to stimulate new tissue to grow. For cosmetic purposes, this can mean increased collagen production, which helps us have beautiful skin. The same technique is also used for athletes when they have a sports injury, to help speed up healing time and reduce pain.

Why Try PRP?

Once you learn about the numerous benefits of PRP therapy, it may seem too good to be real.

  1. Nonsurgical – PRP treatment is a non-surgical procedure that involves drawing a small amount of blood from the patient. After taking the blood sample, it is placed in a centrifuge to extract the platelets. These platelets are then concentrated and injected into specific areas of the skin to bring about the desired alterations.
  2. Multiple Solutions – Can be used to treat multiple skin problems like; Acne scars, under-eye circles, fine lines, wrinkles and areas of hyperpigmentation. It also improves the skin’s texture to give it a rejuvenated, younger look.
  3. It is safe – PRP therapy is considered very low risk, as the patient’s blood is used. The injection site may have swelling, redness, and bruising. A topical numbing agent can be applied before the treatment to avoid discomfort.
  4. Results last for months – As the collagen remodeling begins, you’ll start to see better-looking skin within a few weeks. These improvements will continue for several months.
  5. Mix and Match with Other Treatments – Some patients opt to mix PRP with facial treatments like morpheus8 and micro-needling to amp the results.

Could PRP therapy be right for you? The staff at New Look Skin Center in Glendale, Encino, or Irvine can answer all of your questions to help you decide. Call (818) 662-5005 for an appointment today!

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