Win the Battle Against Cellulite

iStock 471558354 Cellulite can appear no matter how “in shape” you are and no matter how healthy your diet is. It is just a fact of life, and a normal part of aging – but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it! Win the Battle Against Cellulite. Read on for some at-home tips you can try to get rid of cellulite, as well as details about the Profound treatment for cellulite available at New Look Skin Center. 

What home treatments for cellulite can I try?

Cellulite is mostly found in women, but the amount a woman has can be determined by genetics, hormones, weight, and amount of muscle tone. It is those “dimples” that skin gets on the buttocks and legs. Caused by fat cells pushing up from underneath the skin. 

Cellulite is not easy to get rid of. However, exercise can help. Just make sure you are doing the right exercises to target your cellulite – squats and lunges, for instance. Many women also swear that apple cider vinegar can help. It seems like there are more and more health benefits being found for apple cider vinegar every day, and one of these is that it may be able to reduce toxins and the amount of water retained in the body, which can help to reduce cellulite. Other women use a mixture of juniper and olive oil. Apply this mixture to the skin to reduce bloating and to make skin feel firm and soft. 

If you have tried home treatments but you still aren’t seeing the results you would like to see, Profound treatment may be the answer for you. Profound is minimally invasive, safe, and effective for wrinkles, loose skin, and cellulite. It uses radiofrequency energy to target deep within the skin and to stimulate new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to form. It treats cellulite, decreases fat volume, and increases the thickness of the skin. 

Cellulite can be very difficult to get rid of at home. Win the Battle Against Cellulite with Profound treatments. Which can help you to get rid of those unwanted dimples and give you younger-looking, beautiful, refreshed skin. Contact New Look Skin Center for a Profound consultation. Call (818) 662-5005 today!

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