What You Should Know About a PDO Thread Lift

Beauty woman healthy skin fresh clean beautiful face It can be difficult to find a way to deal with droopy, sagging skin on the face and neck, which we all start to see more of as we age. If you have tried face creams and other home treatments and they haven’t worked, it may be time to try a PDO thread lift! Here are 8 things you should know about this procedure!

What is a PDO thread lift, and what are the benefits of this procedure?

1. In a PDO thread lift, tiny threads are placed under the skin to lift up drooping tissues. They are placed strategically in places that need a lift the most – common areas include the jowls, cheeks, corners of the mouth, and the brow line. These threads are absorbed naturally by the body over time.

2. PDO threads not only lift sagging skin, but they also encourage new collagen (a protein that helps to keep skin firm and youthful) to start growing, so the skin continues to improve.

3. This procedure is noninvasive. It can be done in your doctor’s office in about 2 hours, and only requires local anesthesia.

4. Little to no recovery time is needed after a PDO thread lift. You can return to your normal activities immediately after the procedure.

5. There may be some swelling, redness, and soreness, and your skin may feel a bit tight, but these are typically the only side effects and they don’t last long. An over-the-counter pain reliever should help with any discomfort.

6. You’ll start seeing the effects of your thread lift almost immediately, as soon as the swelling starts to go down.

7. The results of a thread lift are long lasting, and they can last up to 2 to 3 years. More threads can be inserted in the future, if need be.

8. The procedure is safe and FDA approved.

If you are looking for a way to treat sagging, droopy skin without the hassle of a face lift or another invasive procedure, a PDO thread lift might be the answer for you! Contact New Look Skin Center for more information about a PDO thread lift. Call (818) 662-5005 today!

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