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January 2022 Specials

Laser Hair Removal For Women:

Half arms (lower or upper) ONLY $40
Lower legs ONLY $70
Upper legs ONLY $75
Full legs ONLY $140

Bikini and underarms ONLY $55
Bikini and full buttocks ONLY $75

Laser Hair Removal For Men:

Full back including shoulders ONLY $150
Full chest and abdomen ONLY $150
Front of the neck ONLY $20
Back of neck ONLY $20


Lip Filler 1cc for ONLY $500
Jaw line or Cheeks with Juvederm Voluma starting $560 and up
Jaw line and Chin 2cc for ONLY $1100
Under eye fillers with cannula for ONLY $460
Cat eye PDO thread lift ONLY $700
Cheeks or Jaw line PDO thread lift ONLY $800

Nose PDO thread lift ONLY $300

Get rid of double chin with Kybella: Purchase 1 Vial of Kybella for ONLY $440 or purchase 2 vials same day for ONLY $800

Glendale location only:

10% OFF Evoke treatment to contour your face (cheeks and jaw line)
Tone your abs with Evolve Tone 6 sessions for ONLY $2500
Burn fat with Evolve Trim 6 session for ONLY $2000

Skin & Wellness:

Sculptra Butt Lift 6 vials $2900 ONLY, 8 vials $3900 ONLY, 10 vials $4900 ONLY, and 12 vials $5900 ONLY
Cellulite treatment with PROFOUND ONLY $3000 ( ONLY one treatment per area is needed)

15% OFF all Facials
PD Peel (Chemical Peel) $199 ONLY
15 % OFF, Package of 10 for Acne/Photo facial treatment
20 % OFF Coolsculpting

10% OFF Tattoo Removal
10% OFF Nail Fungus treatment

Morpheus8 treatment for FACE $725 ONLY (Glendale and Encino Locations ONLY)
Morpheus8 treatment for FACE & NECK $900 ONLY (Glendale and Encino Locations ONLY)
Morpheus8 treatment for NECK OR AROUND THE EYES $250 ONLY (Glendale and Encino Locations ONLY)

Terms & Conditions

* Offer good through the last day of the month

* Prices subject to change without notice

* Prepaid packages cannot be combined with monthly specials

* Touch-ups are not included in the specials

* Promotional Value will only be accommodated if areas are booked and treated within the same date and time

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