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Siamak P. Etehad, M.D.

Dr. Siamak Etehad is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor with an expertise in Dermatology, Venereal Disease and Emergency Medicine. He is a Consultant Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Dermatology is Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, Mission Hills, Sylmar Health and Rehab Center, and Pacifica Hospital.

He owns a Private Practice, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Dermatology at Devonshire Medical Plaza since 1980. He also is the owner and Medical Director of New Look Skin Center since 2007, as well as Medical Director of Casitas Care center since 2007, and Blue Butterfly Hospice. He earned his medical degree from National University of Iran in 1980 then Chief Medical resident as well as resident in rehabilitation medicine at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, following by emergency medicine in New York and California.

Maria Hambarsoonian, F.N.P

Maria Hambarsoonian is a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 20 years of nursing experience in direct patient care. During her extensive career, she has worked in a variety of fields, caring for different age groups ranging from newborns till geriatrics and specializing in the areas such as NICU, Pediatrics, Burn Injuries, Home Health, and finally she has been in Aesthetic Nursing, since 2007. She has been utilizing healthcare and esthetics expertise to provide a wide range of aesthetic/cosmetic skin and body treatments and developing individualized therapeutic skin-care program and long-term relationships with clients along with managing more than 120 employees including RNs and receptionists.

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