Get Ready for Summer!

The weather is finally starting to warm up – time to ditch those sweaters and dig out the swimsuits and short skirts. Get Ready for Summer! Everyone could use a bit of touch up after a long winter. If you need some help preparing for swimsuit season, here are some procedures that might be right for you! 


CoolSculpting is a noninvasive way to get rid of any extra fat you may have accumulated over the winter months. Sit back and relax as the CoolSculpting device freezes fat cells, which die and naturally leave the body for good, giving your body a contoured, toned look – something that is very often difficult to achieve no matter how much you exercise and diet. 

Laser hair removal

Why waste any of your precious summer spending time shaving or plucking? Laser hair removal is quick, can be used to remove unwanted hair just about anywhere on the body, and both men and women can have it done. Have hair removed at the beginning of the summer so you don’t have to worry about it again until months from now. 

Acne treatment

It is hard to feel your best while strolling along the beach in your new bikini if you are self-conscious about facial acne. New Look Skin Center offers eLight Acne Therapy, a procedure that destroys acne-causing bacteria. Helps to reduce excess oil production in the skin. Corticosteroid injections are another effective option for treating acne. 

Teeth whitening

Dull, dingy teeth are another reason some people may feel self-conscious. Teeth whitening cleans deep within the teeth to remove stains and restore them to a brilliant white color. 


Profound is a noninvasive treatment that helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles, and loose or sagging skin. It creates new collagen and elastin – vital ingredients for great skin – and all with minimal downtime and without the use of toxins or fillers.

New Look Skin Center in California offers several different procedures to prepare you for a great summer. Treat yourself to a New Look Skin Center treatment today Get Ready for Summer call (818) 662-5005!

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