4 things you should know about eyelash-growing Latisse

For women who are not interested in the maintenance and upkeep of eyelash extensions or just want to enhance their lashes. Latisse can help you get longer, darker, fuller lashes. Here are some things you should know about Latisse. It is the only FDA-approved treatment clinically proven to grow eyelashes. Latisse treats hypotrichosis, which is …

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Post Laser Skin Treatment

Even though our skin shields us from the ultra violet rays of the sun, it plays an incredibly important role in ensuring that no harmful toxins, chemicals, bacteria or other foreign contaminants make their way into your body and it needs protection as well, especially after laser hair removal. Skin that has been lasered is …

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Is Your Summer Body Ready?

Summer is here and if you live in Southern California, looking your best is a healthy objective, and with lots of healthy options available plus a little help by technology your goals are attainable. We all try to shed the weight we gained during the colder months and get in shape for that beach body. …

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Skincare 101

Are you as scared as most people to approach the ladies in the beauty department with just a simple question of skincare products?  Are the mass amount of skin care products scaring you and steering you away from the simple task of taking care of your face daily.  The good news is that we can …

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