6 Different Types of Acne

6 Different Types of Acne
6 Different Types of Acne

Let’s take a look at the 6 different acne types to identify what acne treatment is right for you. Everyone has had a pimple that has ruined the day maybe even your week! Skin irritation comes with the headache of having to deal with pimples, zits, and everything in between. You probably noticed that acne always seems to look different each time.


Are enlarged pores that have become clogged by oil or other material. They occasionally will have redness around them, showing that the skin is starting to become inflamed.


Are very similar to blackheads in the sense they are clogged pores. They appear as small flesh-colored bumps and often don’t come with redness.


Clogged pores become red and inflamed. Often tender and can develop into a more severely inflamed form.


Nodules are a more serious form of papules that are larger, harder, and often painful.


Are the classic pimple or zit that we usually get.


Cysts are a more severe form of pustule. They are soft, big, painful, and pus-filled pores.

Seeking Treatment

We just explained the 6 Different Types of Acne. At the end of the day last thing you want is your blackheads becoming painful cysts. Stay on top of your acne with a solid skincare routine. Our staff makes it their mission to help you reach your skincare goals as efficiently and comfortably as possible. Take the first step towards beating acne and contact us at 818-662-5005 today.

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