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Permanent Makeup Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from permanent
People that:

  • The average, busy individuals who wants to look their
    best at all times.
  • Anyone who have poor eyesight and unsteady hands.
  • Anyone who may be physically challenged.
  • Anyone with thin or sparse eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Anyone who may have traditional make-up allergies.
  • Anyone who may have permanent hair loss.
  • Anyone who has oily skin
  • Anyone who has vitiligo, alopecia, hyper& hypo
    pigmentation or are burn survivors.
  • Anyone who has asymmetrical facial features.
  • Women who travel, swim or camp.
  • Anyone who has had surgical procedures.
  • People that need to create the illusion of areolas
    and nipples after breast cancer and reconstructive
  • Men may want permanent color to give the look of
    fuller eyebrows, to mask the effects of hair loss or to
    camouflage scares.

Does it hurt?

Topical anesthetics may be used
to alleviate discomfort during the procedure.

Is permanent makeup

Your permanent cosmetic procedure
depends upon the technician, the products used for the
application, how deep the cosmetic tattoo is placed into the
skin, how well you take care of the procedural area while it
is healing, and whether or not you use a total sunblock
after the procedure area has completely healed. All these
factors will determine how long the procedure will last.
Color enhancers are also suggested as needed to keep the
procedure looking fresh and new.

Can I have permanent make up
if I am allergic to regular make up?

The client who is allergic to
traditional facial make up is the perfect candidates for a
permanent make up procedure the technician will patch test
you in the area of the desire procedure, wait 6-8 weeks, and
proceed as necessary.

What will I look like
immediately following my procedure?

Your procedure area may be
slightly swollen and irritated, which is called a wheal and
flare reaction. The area may also be darker for a few days
while it is healing because of the lymph and blood droplets
that may have been brought to the surface during your
application. While your procedure area is healing it will go
through three phase before you observe final results. The
procedure area must first heal, then peel and fade. Final
result may take 4-8 weeks to completely heal.

Is this procedure safe?

Permanent cosmetic procedures are safe if the technician has proper education and follows all OSHA and CDC guidelines. Single use sterile needles and machine parts are used for each client and then properly disposed of.

How do I care for my NEW permanent makeup procedure?

After completion, you will receive a post-treatment care instructional sheet. The overall success of your procedure is contingent upon you following these instructions. A follow up visit will be schedule approximately 4-6 weeks from your initial application. This is to fine tune and touch up any area of the skin that may have expelled the pigment.

Can a person on medication have a permanent make up procedure?

Any client on medication should obtain a release from their physical prior to any permanent cosmetic make up procedure the release should be written on the physicians prescription notepad and sent to the technicians office prior to the start of any procedure.

Do I have to take any precautions prior to lip procedure?

If you have ever had cold sores or fever blisters, you must take an antiviral pre-procedure. Your physician may prescribe Valtrex, famvir or zovirax. Herpetic outbreaks usually occur on the 3rd day post-procedure and taking antivirals will lessen your chance outbreak. If you do experience a herpetic outbreak, you may lose the implanted pigment color in the area of the outbreak.