Is Your Summer Body Ready?

Summer is here and if you live in Southern California, looking your best is a healthy objective, and with lots of healthy options available plus a little help by technology your goals are attainable. We all try to shed the weight we gained during the colder months and get in shape for that beach body.

New Look Skin Center: Coming to Irvine, CA

Access to quality skin care should not be a difficult task. We all deserve a chance to look and feel our best. The distance you travel for this goal, in the hands of trained a trained team, should not be an issue either. That’s why we are very happy to announce the arrival of our

Skincare 101

Derma Peels: What You Should Know   Are you as scared as most people to approach the ladies in the beauty department with just a simple question of skincare products?  Are the mass amount of skin care products scaring you and steering you away from the simple task of taking care of your face daily.

The Professional Laser Hair Removal: Choose the Best.

The Professional Laser Hair Removal: Choose the Best. You have many options when it comes to hair removal, and laser is the standard practice for hair removal treatments.  There are many ways to do hair removal by yourself. However, the state-of-the art machines at New Look Skin Center are a cut above most tools used

Laser tattoo removing is a big market!

Laser tattoo removing is a big market! Laser tattoo removing is a big market, to actually put it in numbers, a $13 billion market!!!!There a more than 36 million Americans with tattoos of which 7 million consider removing it.  Whether it was a drunken night in Vegas, the name of an old partner, or just


Why BOTOX & JUVEDERM If you have been searching for ways to improve your skin, whether it is to reduce wrinkles, diminish fine lines between the brows,  or add volume to any facial fold, you may have come across BOTOX and JUVEDERM as injectable non-surgical solutions. Difference Between BOTOX & JUVEDERM At their core both

Considering Botox?

Botox is an excellent solution for wrinkles. Botox causes the muscles in your face to relax, and that in turn causes a significant reduction in wrinkles. New Look Skin Center has a team of medical experts who have been practicing Botox and other injections for several years. All of our highly trained medical professionals always

Why Choose New Look Skin Center Medical Spa

Why Choose New Look Skin Center Medical Spa  You have many options when it comes to laser hair removal, Juvederm, Botox, laser tattoo removal and other skin care procedures. Why should you choose New Look Skin Center? Well, for starters we are a full services medical spa. We offer large med spa facilities with highly

Top 5 Reasons People Throughout Los Angeles Choose New Look Skin Center

Top 5 Reasons People Throughout Los Angeles Choose New Look Skin Center Our marketing team is constantly churning out various statistics and research about our operation, our patient demographics, results from our customer satisfaction studies and our sales from various products and services such as laser hair removal, Juvederm, botox, Radiesse and Dysport. Their most

The Leading Medical Spa in Los Angeles

The Leading Medical Spa in Los Angeles  In previous blog posts we’ve given our readers some statistics about laser hair removal treatments in Tarzana, Pasadena and surrounding communities. This time, we’d like to give you some statistics about New Look Skin Center. In 2007 Siamak P. Etehad, MD and Maria Hambarsoonian, RN, two impressive medical

Laser Hair Removal Pasadena

Background on Laser Hair Removal in Pasadena, CA In our last post titled “Laser Hair Removal Tarzana” we provided some important background information regarding laser hair removal in general and how laser hair removal works overall. Therefore, we will forgo covering the basics once more. Instead we will jump right in to the demographic statistics

Laser Hair Removal Tarzana

Laser Hair Removal Tarzana Background on Laser Hair Removal Before talking about laser hair removal statistics in Tarzana and corresponding information about New Look Skin Center’s service to the residents of Encino, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Granada Hills and the entire San Fernando Valley; let’s first get a clear understanding of exactly how laser hair removal